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Why Read Children’s Books

Children’s Book on a Business Blog?

Should you be reviewing children’s book on your business blog? That’s a question I was asked after a blog evaluation. I thought it was a legitimate question, but my answer is a resounding ‘yes’. The tag line for my business is bite-sized learning for busy professionals. On my blog The Invisible Mentor, I offer the Read the World Extreme Reading Challenge, review books, present reading lists, provide practical tips for professionals to get the most out of the books they read, and interview successful people. I advocate for my readers to read broadly. That means to read all genres, generation, cultures and so on. I firmly believe that any reader can benefit from any well-written book, even a children’s one. I often focus on books that make me think. I want to be transparent though, I love detective stories because they help me to hone my problem-solving skills. And I also love a good Chick-Lit when I need to escape. There is nothing like a Chick-Lit after a stressful week.


Why Read Children’s Books

Why Read Children’s Books

But, you may be thinking why children’s books? Before I share my thoughts with you, I’d like to say that Bill Gates’ favorite book is Catcher in the Rye, which is a children’s book. I personally didn’t like the book. I thought it was a very depressing book. I grew up in Jamaica didn’t have access to many of the children’s classics from the western world. I have been reading many of those books. And you know what, many of the children’s books I have read in the past five years have profound lessons for adults. Professionals can learn important lessons from them.

Great Children’s Books to Read

When I wanted to learn if mind-mapping was right for me, I read Mind-Mapping for Kids by Toni Krasnic, a book I highly recommend. Watership Down is one of the best leadership books around. It’s leadership in motion. Ever wondered if leaders are born or made? They are made, at least that’s my take. Another great leadership book is The Hobbit, another children’s book. The Little Engine that Could teaches us that persistence pays.

Ever wondered what’s the next step after you conceive an idea? Then What Do You Do with an Idea is the book for you. The Three Questions, a retelling of a Leo Tolstoy book is very profound. Dr Seuss’ Oh, the Places You’ll Go is ideal for the new graduate, or someone changing careers. Road Dahl’s children’s books take on very big problems that society is grappling with. Matilda deals with bullying and child abuse. I recently finish reading BFG by Dahl. And although I didn’t like it, once again, the author managed to raise some big issues, that concerns all of us.  The book deals with child abuse and violence – people killing other people. In BFG, Roald Dahl writes that human species is the only one that kills each other. I didn’t like the book because after a while, I found the made up words very tiresome. But they would be thrilling to children.

Conclusion: Children’s Books on a Business Blog

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My blog occupies a space on my website. So, it’s part of a bigger whole. In terms of the blog evaluation, there were some other questions about some of the other books that I read and reviewed. But you cannot take things in isolation, because you will never see the complete picture. I am hosting the Read the World Extreme Reading Challenge. And every month there are specific requirements to complete. If I am hosting and participating in the reading challenge, readers and visitors to my blog need to see evidence there. They want to know that I walk the talk. I hope that one day, the Read the World Extreme Reading Challenge will grow into something much bigger than it is today.

If you haven’t read a children’s book in a while, why not read one of the ones that I mentioned in this post?

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