#Paranormal Peeps from the Roving Robin: Where you gonna live? :>

By Birdy Diamond

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British Robin chirping from a branchGreetings!

Recently, I ran into a piece of the Internetz that got me thinking. Truthfully, it got me hurt and angry first, but I’m doing my best to walk my talk and a’that, so I waited until I hit the thinking stage before picking up the pixelated pen.

The details are not important, except inasmuch as they got me thinking about where we choose to live in life: fear or faith.

  • Do we choose to live in fear, hide from ourselves, create worst-case scenarios and generally drive ourselves and those around us crazy from all the negativity?
  • Do we choose to live in faith, that no matter what the world may choose to throw at us, we will find some way to handle it, some how?

rpller coaster hill against a sunny blue sky - photo by markmiller of Morguefile :> Whichever we choose as our baseline, there will still be times and places that throw us for a loop.

It happens.

What’s up to us, however, is whether we choose to stay in that loop, or recover and get back to our normal. It’s also up to us how long that recovery takes.

So the next time you find yourself in a doom-and-gloom situation, just ask yourself: is this really how I want to live? [viralpullquote layout=”vs-quote-sixteen-layout” font_size=”18″ font_color=”#3366ff” border_color=”#3366ff” font_alignment=”right” ] just ask yourself: is this really how I want to live?[/viralpullquote]

Then act accordingly.

Until nex/st time…

Chirp, chirp! :-)
-Birdy :>

Birdy Diamond

She is the One Who Tells Tales. Writer of words. Creator of card-decks. Transmogrifier of talismans. Maker of music. Singer of songs. Lover of Elevenses and Alliteration. Member of sub-species homo sapiens soprani. When not telling tales for her business, she helps tell tales with local singing and theater groups.
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Very interesting short, BUT to the point article to get my attention… Thanks so much for bein so clear about where we choose to live… I choose to live in faith, and as you already stated, “no matter what the world may choose to throw at us, we will find some way to handle it.” That is me..
Great article and love to share it with others,
Thanks so much.

Thank you kindly! :-) :>

That’s where I choose to live as well – don’t always manage it, but do my best. It just ends up being so much more freeing + useful to live that way.

Interesting, but to be frank, I don’t agree.

I don’t think you can compartmentalize peoples’ outlooks in such a black and white way. I think that there are many situations in which a person can be positive and negative about different things. For example, I am not the greatest cook (negative, living in fear of poisoning someone due to my abilities), but I can play squash better than most, in my opinion (positive, faithful in the knowledge that I can beat the majority of people whom I play against).

As a general outlook on life, I believe I am a realist. I don’t live in fear of failure or negativity, I judge the chances of possible outcomes of actions according to the influences that surround them, and on those risks I can summarize a positive, negative or vaguely neutral outcome. Can you see my point?

Hi Sarah,

I wasn’t sure where the title would take me. This is a very short post, but powerful and to the point. I choose to live in faith. The days of living in fear are over. I’ve taken so many risks in the last few years, and I’ve learned it is fine because no matter what has been thrown to me in life, it always works out for the best as long as I keep the faith. After taking risks a few times, and experiencing the results, there is no need to live in fear.

I agree that using these two principles as a baseline is fine. However, I also agree with what William Forrest said about not compartmentalizing peoples’ lives. However, my question to him is if he summarizes a negative or vaguely neutral outcome, does he pursue those outcomes with fear or faith? I guess I would have to ask him! Very interesting. Thank you.

Raena Lynn

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