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Lack of focus and mental clarity holding you back in business? Try this

Are you struggling to concentrate? Procrastinating because your mind goes blank and you’re extremely forgetful? If you’re thinking it’s just something that happens with age, then you would be wrong. So many women in their 30’s and 40’s are struggling with lack of focus and mental clarity because they feel overwhelmed and their body isn’t coping with the added stress and pressure.

Brain fog is a common symptom of hormone imbalances and can get worse during the perimenopausal years. Declining oestrogen levels affect the way your neurotransmitters work in the brain, causing it to slow down. A sluggish thyroid produces less thyroid hormones which affects neurological function and leaves you feeling confused, forgetful and unable to concentrate and mental stress affects the production of cortisol which causes brain fog. And of course poor diet and lifestyle changes can also affect your brain function.

Here are my top tips for boosting mental focus and memory so you can concentrate on building your business (and if you’re wondering why focus is so important read this).

Reduce stress

As women we tend to try and juggle everything, multitasking and trying to do everything ourselves. The problem is that we also put an enormous amount of pressure on ourselves which can lead to problems with your short term memory. When our adrenal glands (which secrete our stress hormones) become overburdened, it can have an effect on your brain function which reduces your ability to think clearly and efficiently.

  • Don’t try to do everything yourself, ask for help and get support whether that’s getting a VA, help with childcare, a cleaner or from your partner. Also try exercising the right to say no (not something I have been very good at in the past) and taking some time out to relax and recharge. In the long term this will help make you more productive and focused.

Eliminate foods that affect your brain function

Reactions to certain foods can make you forgetful, anxious and overwhelmed, Many people in the UK suffer with undiagnosed food intolerances and are unaware of the effect of these foods on focus and mental clarity. Removing things like wheat and gluten can make a significant difference, as can cutting back on stimulants such as caffeine, alcohol and sugar which affect cognitive function.

  • A simple elimination diet cutting back on these foods for a 2 week period and re-introducing one at a time every 48 hours will help identify reactions. Generally cutting back on stimulants can help reduce stress on your body and increase focus.

Increase brain boosting nutrients

There are specific nutrients that help to support our mental function, and when we are deficient it can reduce our memory and cause a fuzzy brain.

  • Essential fats – Improve your memory and cognitive function by carrying oxygen to the brain and taking away CO2 waste
  • Magnesium – Enhances cognitive abilities and balances hormones which affect mental clarity and focus
  • B vitamins – Critical for brain health, avoiding memory loss and improving production of neurotransmitters
  • Choline – Helps to make memory related neurotransmitters and maintain normal brain development

Get a good nights sleep

Our brain cements memories and clears out toxic waste which affect how it functions while we are asleep. When you are not sleeping or getting good quality sleep, your ability to recall facts and make long term memories is affected. Your stress hormone, cortisol is regulated while asleep which affects how it is released and used in the body.

  • Aim to go to bed at the same time every night (bonus points if it’s by 10pm) and turn off gadgets an hour before bed, as this affects the quality of sleep. Read this blog post for more tips on helping to promote good sleep patterns.


Lack of memory, concentration and a fuzzy brain doesn’t have to be a long term issue. By making the changes discussed in this blog post you can wave goodbye to forgetfulness and brain fog and hello to mental clarity, clear-thinking and focus.

About the Author Rebecca Boulton

Rebecca helps women struggling with hormone imbalances to naturally manage their symptoms so they can feel calmer, energised and like their old selves again. Get your Free 7 Day Hormone Balancing Meal Plan here