How will Google let me analyse my New Year?

Now I’m 50 I feel I am eligible to start playing the grumpy old woman, so I shall start with a big moan about how Google’s recent make-over is driving me mad! 

The new changes makes it next to impossible to access important Google products any more via my Google account, such as Google Analytics. (Google even make it difficult to complain, which only increases my frustration.)

Google Account LinkIn the past I used to be able to find Google Analytics via the Accounts link next to my avatar (see circled in red) once I was logged into Google.

This previously took me to a page that listed all the products I had used via Google over the years, and the most useful ones were GoogleMail, YouTube and Google Analytics.

Google Products List

But now the same link sends you to this page, which is not helpful at all!

Google Personal Info Page

Apparently if you want to find some of the Google products previously available, you need to find this icon situated to the left of your Google avatar:

Accessing products list

Which will lead to:

First choice of products

And if you click on the ‘More’ link, you’ll get these:

Second choice of products 

Which still doesn’t give you access to Google Analytics. Clicking on the ‘Even more from Google’ link will send you to another page of Google products, which still doesn’t give you Google Analytics.

There’s another method of finding some Google products, via the Chrome browser and the coloured squares located on the top left called Apps:

Google Apps icon

And clicking on this only provides these products:

Google Apps Products

Which also doesn’t include Google Analytics. In fact it seems the only way to locate Google Analytics is to go to which brings up this page:

How to access Google Analytics

And you have to look for the link in the top right hand corner to go to your Google Analytics account (see ringed in red).

And I’ve been told this is the same is for AdSense, Webmaster Tools and Structured Data Tools.

Frankly this isn’t good enough. To take away the convenience of accessing Google Analytics via my Google Account without any explanation is appalling, and someone with the right kind of influence should tell them so, as soon as possible. (And once they have done so, could they kindly tell me the outcome, which I hope will be positive.)

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