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By Linda Mattacks

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  • Do you attend any and, if so, are they worth your investment of time?
  • Do you present any and, if so, how good is your ROI? And what tips would you be prepared to share? (Maybe you could add one or two in the comments section or perhaps write a guest post on the subject?) ;-)

photo credit: HubSpot via photopin cc

photo credit: HubSpot via photopin cc

You see, my one-on-one clients pay me a substantial fee to help them get results. Their problems are usually showing up around money/ cash flow, and of course they want to see an upturn as soon as possible.

These are people who are by and large used to being successful but have currently just lost their way a bit. Sometimes they’ve gone through a crisis (or, even worse, a series of crises) and want to turn their whole life around. I’ve found my background means I’m pretty good coming up with practical ways and helping them to alter perspective and allow that to happen. Neither of us want to draw out this process and the rate I’ve set the fee at deters people who really only want minor tweaks.

Where I’m always on the lookout for more information is on ways to help them sort out any junk between their ears that’s probably contributing to holding them back, to add to the tools I already have in my toolbox.

Where www comes in

So I’ve found the web an absolute godsend for that and I use it to do a lot of research. In the past, teleseminars and, more recently, audio visual webinars, have been great sources of access to various people and new/improved methodologies specifically around removing blocks . One of the things I learned many years ago as a sales trainer and manager (no, don’t ask how many…) was that “one size does NOT fit all” and what works brilliantly with one person can just as easily fail dismally with another who can’t get his/her head round the technique.

However, I’ve noticed more and more that each time on these webinars/ seminars that I’m investing about an hour and within that about the first third is the back story of the presenter/ interviewee and the traumas he/she suffered and overcame by discovering this marvellous method; the second is about the method itself and the final third is flogging the offer – usually $97 US dollars but increasingly $147, $197 or substantially more if it’s some kind of course. And, of course, it’s ALWAYS a special offer for a very limited time for a very select few just because… (fill in the blanks).

A plea to presenters

I can’t believe I am alone in thinking “I don’t mind a quick back story that gives me enough reason to listen to you and believe you know what you’re talking about but please keep it brief.” Especially when, as I’ve discovered, the interviewee types ‘do the rounds’ and tend to be flavour of the month on every teleseminar going till you’re fed up to the back teeth hearing their story (which is usually repeated virtually verbatim) and you feel you could say their spiel for them… :-(

Why not use the majority of your time to demonstrate this particular method and then direct me to the offer? You could cut the session down to half an hour easily. If I can mentally get the “how” of it from your presentation I am not going to buy. Not right now, anyway. But I’ll like the fact that you’ve respected my time and I’ll come back for more. And, provided you’re not a one-horse-trick, there will probably be a time when I get the what but DON’T get the “how” and guess what? If it’s something I want to get my head round, I’ll happily buy from you…

Is it only this particular sort of subject matter that’s this bad (I hate to say it but for want of a better phrase the self improvement/ self development type) or is it the majority of free webinars/ teleseminars?

Your thoughts and contributions, as always, are welcome :-)


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