Chedda Chedda Chedda!

By Sally Church

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Recently, I was searching around for a suitable app that has cross device capability and suitable for planning business stuff in project list formats.  Then I remembered one of my iPad that would be perfect.

It’s called… Cheddar.


  1. You can use it on multiple devices ie an iPhone, iPad, Mac laptop or desktop.
  2. It’s free for the basic program, giving you an opportunity to try it out and see if it fits in your workflow.
  3. Easy to use, list format that includes basic tagging functionality and Markdown, like this:


Cheddar App

After a recent conference, I have some technical articles that are due to be submitted to an online magazine imminently.  It seemed a good idea to see how applicable Cheddar would be for planning out the project, what tasks needs to be done in a checklist.  Using the instructions above, it was simple to knock out a project plan in under 5 mins on my iPad:

Cheddar App example

After you have completed the brain dump, just hit Edit and then move the tasks around as needed into a logical order using your finger or mouse.

Once the tasks are done, you can tick them off as done in the boxes.  Easy peasy!

Deleting the project once complete is also a nice option, so you don’t have old projects cluttering up the main screen.

All in all, it was slick and easy to use as well as edit quickly and efficiently.   There are some drawbacks though…


  1. Cheddar is a pure iOS app, no Android version is available that I can see.  You can use it on a Windows machine in the browser though.
  2. You can only add two projects in the basic free version

I discovered this after finishing the first project plan quickly and was eager to create an outline for the second article.

On clicking the + sign to create a new project, up popped this unexpected message:

Cheddar Upgrade

The upgrade for more than two projects will set you back a princely $20 annually.

UGH!  It’s a really nice app at first glance, but I guess the sample project they include will have to go for now, while I see if this app gets used a significant amount to justify the additional cost.


And Finally…

[imaioVideo v=1]

For those of you wondering about the Chedda, Chedda, Chedda humour, just check out this ad from Pawn Daddy, in Phoeniz AZ – hat tip Yolanda Facio and Sarah Arrow.



Sally Church

Sally Church PhD is a scientist interested in improving cancer outcomes through research and more targeted, less toxic drugs.

She runs a small boutique consulting firm based in Miami, FL that provides strategic advice to Pharma and Biotech companies in strategic analyses, thought leader market research and business intelligence.

You can find out more about her insights into cancer R&D on her blog at

Cha Cha Cha Chedda!

Great review Sally, I think I’m gonna give the free version a roll to see what I think. It certainly looks really useful!

    Sure you’re not all Chedda’rd out yet, Yo?

    It’s certainly worth a try as an app, I’m liking it so far and haven’t upgraded yet.

The interwebs ate my comment I think…. suffice to say this post is cheddalicious! I’m actually going to give it try, the app looks pretty good! Thanks for the review!

    $20 is a lot, El, but so far I’m liking the free version and happily managing. Routine lists going into the Reminders app and big projects go into Task Paper. This app fills a handy need in between.

Sounds fab! $20 is a lot for an app but worth it if you use it eh :)

This reminds me a lot of Organize Pro (which I like because I can use it on iPad, iPhone, and desktop and sync changes between decides), but unlike OP, it allows you to easily move items around. I think I’ll have to try the freebie. Thanks, Sally!

    Yeah moving the list around is a big winner, Mary, especially if you’re not a linear thinker like me and just want to do a brain dump and then organise in a more logical fashion!

Lindy Asimus

Oh my! Terrible name aside this might be quite handy will have to check it out . Thanks Sally! Handy information.

I was almost getting excited at the thought there was simple tech I could get my head round … until the end and ‘no android’! However, I then realised that I would probably only use it on the pc, so I may still stand a chance of projecting effectively :)

Aside from the ability to move things around in a list, is it different than the Reminders app on my iPad/iMac?

    Sally Church

    Hi Heat,

    Yes there are differences between Cheddar and Reminders. By the way, you can move tasks around in both.

    In Cheddar you can:
    1) make words bold and italic so they stand out
    2) add clickable urls
    3) tag tasks across multiple projects with hashtags

    None of these ou can do in the Reminders app.

Heat Dziczek

Excellent! Thanks!

(I need more words for the comment to go through. Who knew there was a length requirement?)

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