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Productivity Tactics for Busy Entrepreneurs

As a busy entrepreneur it can seem impossible to get everything done. Do you look around you at others and wonder how they get so much done and make it look so easy? There are some tried and true methods

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Pricing Your Products to Sell

Learning how to price products for your Etsy store front can be challenging. Pricing your products is a very important part of starting a successful Etsy business. If you under price you will not make

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Pricing It Right

A key to selling your eBook to as many people as possible, besides the content inside, is to highly consider the price you will sell your eBook for. Don’t just slap a price on the eBook without giving

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Partnering with EBook Blogs

One of the many ways to market your eBook is to partner with eBook blogs. There are several to choose from such as and These blogs allow you to get your book in front

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Padding – The Secret to Successful Time Management

As an entrepreneur you’re often asked to estimate how long a particular task or project might take. Whether you are doing projects for yourself or for others, it’s important to get this time

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Outsourcing Your Website Design and Updates

Creating websites that get results if you’re not a web designer can be done with the technology available today. You can use website builders, and even self-hosted WordPress to do it yourself. However,

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Online Tools to Help Manage Finances

Managing your business finances is a lot easier today than it was prior to the proliferation of online, cloud-based software solutions that can do everything from automatically posting transactions to

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