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The Pros and Cons Of Franchising Your Business

If you’ve started a business and see it grow to be quite a profitable venture, one of the many considerations you can have for its future growth is to expand it as a franchise. Of course, this is

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10 Apps to Better Equip a Lady Entrepreneur 2018

Female Entrepreneurship is growing day by day. According to the 2012 census, in the US the number of women entrepreneurs increased over 30% since 2007.  In this technology-driven world, there are a lot

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Spotting Fake Crowdfunding Pages- Here’s How

Recent headlines such as ‘UK fraud hits record £1.1bn as cybercrime soars’ (warns KPMG) caught my eye as we had been talking recently at Tree of Hope about the issue of fake crowdfunding pages taking

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Travelling In Business: How To Make Overseas Meetings A Success

Your boss informed you that you would be facilitating an overseas meeting. This meeting will be participated by shareholders who come from different parts of the globe. And although you’re excited and

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Why “should” is the worst word of advice

Just as eating right is good for the body, doing what you are authentically wanting to do with your life is the food of mind, body and soul. Doing what you think you must, what you ought or worse, what

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5 powerfully inspiring female entrepreneurs

Although women entrepreneurs represent only around one-third of all entrepreneurs worldwide, the following short list clearly shows that women with entrepreneurial spirit can make it as far as they want,

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Networking sucks!

It’s a funny concept, networking. For as long as I can remember I did not like walking into that room when you had to ‘network’. Once upon a time I felt sick, anxious and downright uncomfortable.

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