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Dealing with the inner voice critic

The Coronavirus has thrown the world into a new way of living and thinking. The emotional, physical, mental, economical and financial state has and will be stressed further 줌비니. We are going through

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Confessions of a Foreign Language Teacher

The Only Way to Learn a Foreign Language is to Live Abroad Let me set the scene There is a drinks party for neighbours in our road. A tall man in obligatory middle-aged Dad uniform (or so my

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Our Zooming Bloopers…a sign of the times

In March 2017 we laughed out loud at Professor Robert Kelly’s predicament as he tried in vain to conduct an interview about the impeachment of President Park with the BBC Download the next Pot

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5 Steps on How to bulletproof your business and maximise your earning potential

A long time ago I learned if we want to make money, we need to create different income streams. As women in business, a global pandemic certainly was not in our thoughts when doing the swot analysis

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