Book review: Woman On The Edge Of Time by Marge Piercy

I reread one of my favourite books recently. If I call it ‘post-feminism sci-fi’ it sounds a bit cringe-worthy, but that’s what it is. The story features Connie, a downtrodden Hispanic woman in a poor part of the US who experiences (or does she?) a feminist utopia thanks to a psychic connection with Luciente of …Read More

A life in beeps

Bbbbbbb: Alarm clock goes off Ping: Microwave says breakfast is ready  Bip: Turn on the shower Bibip: Turn off the shower Chime: Mac wakes up Farty burp: Emails arrive Whoosh: Emails sent Pring pring: Landline rings Trala: Landline handset replaced on charger Kerplunk: Drag and drop file into trash Chchchchnngh: Empty trash Beep beep: Text …Read More

“Oi! Leave the coral alone!”

Jackie Barrie is not only a copywriter, she’s also a keen scuba diver. In a rare break from her usual blogs designed to help small businesses and startups with their marketing, she’s posted this SOS to help Save Our Seas! “Oi!! Leave the coral alone!” That was my first reaction when I read the recent …Read More

Queen rocks!

On what would have been the late Freddie Mercury’s 65th birthday, copywriter Jackie Barrie looks at what we can learn about marketing from the band, Queen. My one regret in life is that I never saw Queen perform live at Wembley when I had the chance. I always thought there would be another opportunity, but …Read More

Racism: is it alive and well in South London?

Just recently, I’ve had briefing meetings with two new clients. Both happen to be attractive, beautifully groomed women. Both were launching a new business. Both wanted a web presence in order to promote it. One was in professional services – her customers will be organisations with 5-250 employees based in and around Croydon. The other …Read More

Why use a professional copywriter

You know what it’s like when you de-clutter – there is always one thing you regret throwing away. That happened to me when I de-cluttered last year. I’d collected a folder full of examples of poorly written marketing material, going back 20 years. ‘Shall I keep it or shan’t I?’ I wondered. ‘Oh well, I …Read More