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Bill Cosby Parenting Advice That We Should Live By

Bill Cosby is a famous and well-loved American comedian, author, actor and educator, among other things. His combination of wit and wisdom makes him a sought-after individual on all kinds of thoughts.

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Be Who You Want to Be

In a world with many differing opinions, there is not one way to please everyone. If you are trying to change yourself with the intention of making others like you, you will generally fight a losing battle.

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Basic Steps to Managing Your Money

Some people seem to be born with an ability to manage their financial matters effortlessly. For others, it takes a little longer to learn. Although managing money will not be everyone’s strong point,

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Banish Inner Thigh Fat and Tone Your Legs

You’ve probably head of the desired “thigh gap” and would like to get one yourself if you can. Unfortunately, thigh gaps are totally hereditary. You can’t create one without being of normal

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Baby Massage Techniques

Baby massage has so many benefits to not only your baby, but to you as well. It will help you connect with your baby so she (or he) begins to really recognize your touch and your smell. It’s a great

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Average Cost of Raising a Child – Where Does the Money Go?

Bringing up children is something that could be considered priceless. Being a parent is one of the most worthwhile things a person could spend their life doing. Having said that, there are many individuals

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Are You Overcommitted? How to Cut Back and Live a Simpler Life

There are so many rich experiences life has to offer us. Between work, volunteering, hobbies, sports and leisure, it is easy to book too much in and be constantly on the go without a moment to ourselves.

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