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Marketing to Your Target Audience’s Feelings 

Targeting an audience based on their feelings is nothing new. Marketing has long been a cross between business and psychology. To be a good marketer it’s important to understand about human psychology

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Marketing Strategy and Marketing Plan – What’s the Difference?

The best way to get strategy versus plan straight is to realize that you need to develop goals (strategy) before you can create a plan of action to reach those goals. First you come up with the strategy

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Marketing Campaign Ideas That Engage Your Audience

The first thing you have to understand when you want to conduct marketing campaigns that engage your audience is why audiences engage in the first place. What makes an audience member step out and share,

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Making Your EBook Stand Out from the Rest

Digital eBooks have changed everything in the publishing world, but it’s not that big of a surprise to online marketers who have been selling their information for years via PDF format. But now, there

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Make Your Website Easier to Share on Social Media Sites

One of the ways in which your website will become more popular and more known by your audience is through sharing on social media sites. The problem is, sometimes website owners make it difficult for their

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Location-Based Marketing – Tips and Tools 

Location-based marketing means that the marketing is focused on the location of the business. Typically, a business that is engaging in location-based marketing uses some tools of the trade such as a mobile

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Literary Reviews: Are They Worth It?

Paid book reviews have been around for as long as books have been published. But, the knowledge hasn’t been public for quite as long. In fact, quite a few authors and publishers were quite embarrassed

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