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Baby Massage Techniques

Baby massage has so many benefits to not only your baby, but to you as well. It will help you connect with your baby so she (or he) begins to really recognize your touch and your smell. It’s a great

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5 Steps to Soothing Your Crying Baby

When your baby cries, one of the first things you want to do is make it stop! While the reasons why a baby cries can get complex (since crying is communication and ensure survival), getting a crying baby

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Why Mothers Can’t Win

As women, we’re all too aware of being judged. Whether it’s our looks, our performance or our decisions to have children (or not) it seems that society has something to say about everything. But have

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Lindsey Fish – Mums Enterprise

My name is Lindsey Fish and my story is similar to millions of other mums across the UK. After having my first child I didn’t want to return to my corporate career, drop a day and take a 20% cut in

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Living With a Digital Handbag

Let me share with you about my digital handbag.  First of all, this digital handbag I’m reviewing was gifted to me, on the condition that I give you a fair and honest review of my experience with

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5 Reasons Why Babies Cry (and What You Can Do)

There’s no doubt about it: a crying baby can wreak havoc on your mental and emotional wellbeing! Parents can feel overwhelmed and helpless. One of the first things that can help is leaning just why

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Hilary Clinton and the strong woman syndrome

This morning I watched the news clip where ‘strong woman’ Hilary Clinton buckled and was supported into her car. There followed a report to say that she has pneumonia. Thereafter I followed

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