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By Sarah Arrow

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I think Linda added it up once that the Birds have around 700 years experience between them, and they share it through out this site freely.

Recently myself and Ola decided to have a banter about social media on a Friday afternoon show, it’s quickly grown a cult-like following. We’ve got a group of regulars that show up to watch me and Ola talk to some poor, unsuspecting victim about social media and we even answer questions live on air for people who want help with social media.

Today we spoke to Maya, and learned all about social media and research.

[svpVideo v=1]

Last week we had Linda on the call… eventually (yes, we even said she broke G+)

[svpVideo v=2]

Now, you don’t need to watch us chat (but you can if you want) you can check your email and listen as we discuss social media, the business it impacts upon and how you can get more from it.

Take advantage of all of our experience :)


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