10 Social Media Advertising Stats…

Are you using social media advertising to reach your ideal customer?  Whether you are a business or a consumers the stats make interesting reading and of course you can interpret the statistics to mean whatever you want…

The first statistic shows that 78% of advertising spend is on traditional media, which isn’t bad when you consider every year someone writes that Radio / TV / Newspapers / Magazines are dead. Traditional media is here to stay but not in the formats we are currently used to. Social media sites such as Pinterest send a tremendous amount of traffic to magazines, so perhaps social media and traditional media are not enemies, but allies in the quest for consumer attention.

The second statistic shows us how US consumers view advertising – and I would think that stat is replicated worldwide. Consumers tend not to like advertising but it allows TV shows to be funded, magazines to grow and radio shows to operate… in other words advertising allows audiences to grow and to evolve but is tolerated. When we look at the third statistic about what kinds of advertising works, we can see that user-generated content is seen to be 27-28% effective by marketers and consumers. In other words influence is not effective as we think it is when it comes to getting goods sold and swaying consumer behaviour.


From these stats my conclusion is simple, if you want to reach your target market you need to interact where they are and where they feel the most comfortable as advertising where they hang out doesn’t generate the results that you think. If you are a small business thinking about using social media for advertising my advice would be go and set up an autoresponder as email advertising has a far bigger return on investment and as far as I am aware, no one has declared email dead yet this year ;)



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